So , exactly what are Anon VPN and how does it really work?? It is a provider that offers the very best privacy network services over the world. It was originally only meant to be used between two individuals to surf the net but after that it has broadened. What it has been doing is made searching anonymous which is one of its major advertising points. There are two choices that users can choose from and include the standard plan or the prime plan.

The normal plan costs $8 per month and gives you unlimited bandwidth on the internet for browsing the internet and downloading apps. This is the best option because it is totally anonymous and give out any personal information to 3rd parties. Nevertheless , if you use Anon VPN with Wifi then you can surf anonymously even while gonna places just like coffee shops and your local library that do not really offer reputable wifi access. Wifi comes in these places but not every one of them offer secure internet connections. The premium version of Anon VPN will give you more options including letting you access unique wireless sites, block any kind of unnecessary info to your computer and even give you a tracking location.

Since Anon VPN uses the Tor network so you can be absolutely sure that nobody more has the ability to trace you even when you are applying a protected connection just like the one that is provided by Anon VPN. To use the application, all you need to do is set it up and then sign in anon vpn towards the VPN webpage. You can then make changes to the settings and permit some extra features to be used if necessary. If you want to completely enjoy Anon VPN, then you need to down load its software for free from the internet.