Don’t put it off because of pre-supposed cost—Pricing is NOT an issue! While some desktop-based systems can be costly, SmartVault is free for CPA firms to try. Firms can test the system to ensure it meets their needs without a large upfront investment. Maintain existing your existing file structure—SmartVault allows firms to preserve existing filing structures. Because SmartVault seamlessly integrates with QuickBooks, files are automatically linked to the client, so creating and learning a new filing structure isn’t necessary. This makes the move to paperless much simpler.

One of the things that I’ve really loved about coming to Texas from New York is the whole approach toward community service and nonprofits. This is a small government state, and what they do is put a lot of money into nonprofits and social service agencies. Businesses have a part of their mission just to help community nonprofits with whatever they do.

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From startups to working with Fortune 500 executives, Stephen King brings a unique combination of vision, foresight, and experience to help small businesses run better, grow faster, and make more money. Regarded as one of the accounting industry’s top thought leaders, he’s currently serving as President and CEO of GrowthForce, one of the nation’s largest cloud-based accounting service providers. GrowthForce combines the advanced accounting system design with a fractional share of a full-service accounting department, including professional, U.S.-based teams of bookkeepers, accountants, and controllers. The GrowthForce Smart Back Office™ framework combines the latest technologies, dedicated teams, and efficient processes to become a scalable solution through any stage of a business’s lifecycle. Not just an accounting department, but a unique combination of dedicated, expert teams, smart technology, and future-focused processes that help organizations persevere through their financial challenges. Akounto, a cloud-based accounting software and bookkeeping software, is designed to help businesses streamline and manage their financial data.

GrowthForce said that its outsourced bookkeeping and controller solutions allow small and medium-sized businesses to become more proactive and nimble in the management of their finances and resources. They don’t ‘fire’ clients or products or services. They think that all clients are created equal and all employees are created equal.


Then, estimate how many clients this supporting team can handle. That way, prospects go home and reflect on their experience fondly. And hopefully, the delightful interaction leads to a long career with your company.

Hire A High Performing Team That Stays Long Term

GrowthForce provides outsourced, cloud-based advanced bookkeeping, management accounting, controller, and accounting advisory services for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. GrowthForce specializes in QuickBooks job costing for service businesses and nonprofits, who identify people as their most important assets. By automating the back office using our Smart B…

You need to be able to study the past to help predict the future. I like to suggest that people look at profitability on all the work that they do, and then look at the bottom 15 percent and then reprice it and re-scope it . You need to ask yourself, what do you want to get done? And then start to create scorecards for that. Basically, I had achieved the exact opposite result that I had set out to achieve as a manager. At that point, I realized the true power of a human capital strategy and the importance of employee recognition. When a manager ignores someone, the likelihood of disengagement rises by 40 percent — a sobering statistic.

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2) If you are trying to get a new position and you know how to read a P&L, you are much more valuable to the company because accounting is the language of business. One week after I gave a month’s notice to Ernst & Young, I got a call from a partner I knew, who told me that Amnesty International had proposed that Ernst & Young build an accounting system.

Akounto is here to help you manage your finances. Akounto allows you to keep track of your cash flow on the move and enjoy seamless connection with your… Our vision is to provide businesses and nonprofits with dedicated Teams and Technology that become their Smart Back Office.

Now, there’s an easy way to free up valuable time and resources while gaining greater visibility into your finances. From basic bookkeeping to advanced management reporting, GrowthForce cloud based accounting services are customizable to meet your business needs. The video is aimed at helping other businesses better navigate unexpected challenges like the ones faced in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Since 2004, GrowthForce has led the industry in zero-entry accounting for growing businesses and nonprofits. As part of that movement, GrowthForce has selected Expensify as their preferred accounting management application for automating their clients’ receipt and expense management processes. This tool is particularly helpful for individuals who are attempting to move with the industry by providing constant access.


We offer upgrades at a discount each year, but it’s always your decision. SAP Business ByDesign is an affordable, easy-to-use enterprise resource planning system specifically designed for fast-growing small to mid-market businesses and subsidiaries of larger companies. From financials and inventory to customer relationship management and human resources, SAP… Create team pods and assign scanning accordingly—Kings recognizes that scanning can be a time consuming task that may put firms off.

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“The mapped drive presents as if it were right on our own server, offering a familiar structure for document storage. This serves as a single point of access to files and makes it much easier on staff,” Gibb explained. Today, Growthforce has not only grown its client base substantially, but has also continued to enhance internal systems to operate at peak efficiency. Just like championship sports teams win because they have a solid playbook, your team needs a winning business playbook to scale.


If you’re stuck, you must look at your management team and see which skill sets are missing. Usually, it’s the financial skill set because a chief financial officer is expensive. Another way we generate leads is referrals from CPAs, and especially CFOs. We are different from traditional CPA firms because we focus on management accounting, so business owners can make data-driven decisions. We recruit dedicated professionals that are passionate about helping small businesses and nonprofits change the way they run their financial operations.

GrowthForce assigns a dedicated team, including a bookkeeper, staff accountant and controller to each business. We create a Smart Back Office that integrates the client’s financial systems with QuickBooks file and automate key processes to increase operational efficiencies. Day-do-day bookkeeping chores, ensure compliance and provide cost effective financial expertise. If you’re looking to grow your business and increase profitability, you’re in the right place.

Choosing The Right Apps For Creating A Smart Back Office

When going paperless, start today and move forward from there. CEO and founder Stephen King started GrowthForce after selling his first business during the dot-com boom. And he’s continually focused on even bigger growth goals, like building out the next level of management and offering profit sharing. GrowthForce CEO Stephen King agrees that supporting high school accounting students is the best way to teach students the business.

  • Encouraging feedback from clients and collaborating across departments to provide the most valuable content, training and support.
  • Regarded as one of the accounting industry’s top thought leaders, he’s currently serving as President and CEO of GrowthForce, one of the nation’s largest cloud-based accounting service providers.
  • If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware.
  • One of the things that I’ve really loved about coming to Texas from New York is the whole approach toward community service and nonprofits.
  • You need to ask yourself, what do you want to get done?
  • With an IT background, he knew that to make bookkeeping a profitable business he had to automate workflow from beginning to end.

After raising $43 million in venture capital funding, I owned 6 percent GrowthForce of virtual growth. I was passionate about the vision, but it was hard.


GF Connect allows you to easily keep track of what’s happening with your outsourced accounting department. Businesses rise to the level of competency of the managers.

This diverse background has served him well in the consulting industry. As I hit age 60, I often think about what I want to do when I retire at age 70.

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Akounto is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software designed to help businesses manage and streamline their financial data. Managing your financials can be really overwhelming – and for that, Akounto has your back! With Akounto, keep up with your cash flow while on-the-move & enjoy… The goal is to help revamp accounting practices for businesses across the globe. Using SmartVault as a document management hub allowed Growthforce clients to easily upload scanned source docs online for processing—eliminating manual delivery and cumbersome faxing. Based in the cloud, the system also offered clients the convenience of 24/7, real-time access to their documents.

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He asserts that for firms ready to go paperless, SmartVault is the obvious choice because it is incredibly intuitive. This means that there is virtually no learning curve for staff and no onsite IT support is required. First, figure out how many hours one client needs from each supporting role. For example, Stephen calculates hours for an accounting manager, staff accountant, and bookkeeper. “When you close a deal with one ‘A’ player, it’s worth a hundred clients,” Stephen explained. So, he compares the recruiting process to a marketing campaign and recommends selling your opportunity to prospective employees like you’d sell a product to a potential buyer.

Part of going paperless, he insists, is proper workflow management. King assigns his employees to team pods—combining bookkeepers, accountants, and administrative staff. Each pod is equipped with a Fujitsu ScanSnap (high-speed desktop scanner), opposed to a single centralized scanning area. Administrative staff scan client documents upon receipt and the workflow moves forward from there.